Raphaël Gaudin

Peinture de Raphaël Gaudin Peinture de Raphaël Gaudin Peinture de Raphaël Gaudin Peinture de Raphaël Gaudin Peinture de Raphaël Gaudin


Portrait de Raphaël Gaudin

Born in 1972 in Rennes (France) and very quickly attracted by drawing and the different forms of artistic expression, Raphaël GAUDIN followed a course in applied arts with a specialization in graphic arts. It is in 2015, after many years working in the field of graphic communication and advertising, that he takes the plunge, leaves Europe, crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and settles in Tangier.
This cosmopolitan, multicultural and multi-ethnic city in Northern Morocco with a rich past and present, with incomparable colours, with a view of Spain and with an Atlantic coast like his native Brittany, will feed him with ideas and inspiration. Now settled in Warsaw, he continues his artistic journey by enriching himself with the local culture. He sees in this journey a link between the folk traditions of different parts of the world.
His painting is full of curves, colours and “joie de vivre”. It winds us up, unrolls us, and confuses us with a common thread: the ribbon. It also wants to be a fusion work between the inspiration nourished by Celtic symbols and calligraphy.
Its full and loose curves intertwine, dance, come together, separate, join, form a kind of labyrinth and yet there is always an opening, as if the artist wanted to leave the door ajar for other adventures.
A painting with frank colours, inscribed in a duality or complementarity of the art of the line enclosed in a complex composition but with beautiful escapes, beautiful flights.
It is voluptuous, ethereal, colourful, free.



  • 2022 - May / June / July

    Colours and interlacing

    / Embassy of France in Poland - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2022 - May

    Stany wewnętrzne #3

    / Prześwit Galeria - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2021 - December

    Stany wewnętrzne #2

    / Prześwit Galeria - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2021 - June

    Stany wewnętrzne #1

    / Prześwit Galeria - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2020 - December

    December session

    / Sonia Monti Gallery - 6 avenue Delcassé - 75008 Paris (France)
  • 2020 - 6 and 7 june (Cancelled due to Covid 19)

    Accessible Contemporary Art Fair

    / Koneser Centre - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2020 - from 20 to 27 March (Cancelled due to Covid 19)


    / Embassy of France in Poland - Warsaw (Poland)
  • 2019 - from 8 February to 3 March

    Colour, light & material

    / Gallery KENT - Tangier (Morocco)
  • 2018 - from 3 to 24 November

    Movements of colours

    / Gallery SINIYA28 - Marrakech (Morocco)
  • 2018 - from 20 september to 6 October

    Autumn colours

    / Bistronome Art Space - Casablanca (Morocco)
  • 2018 - 7, 8 and 9 September

    International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

    / Regional Directorate of Culture, Mohamed Drissi Gallery - Tangier (Morocco)
  • 2018 - from 09 to 31 March

    Impression of Femininity

    / Gallery El Fenn - Tetouan (Morocco)
  • 2017 - from 13 October to 1 November

    Curves and interlacing

    / Gallery Ibn Khaldoun - Tangier (Morocco)
  • 2017 - from 13 to 23 september

    Infinitely blue

    / Gallery Volubilis - Tangier (Morocco)


  • Raphaël GAUDIN
    artist painter
    Konstancinska 3a 11
    WARSAW 02-942, Poland
  • +48 721 074 500


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